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MBA courses and classes.


На программе СКОЛКОВО MBA каждый год собирается уникальный состав класса, который состоит как из предпринимателей, так и из корпоративных менеджеров. Программа построена таким образом, чтобы каждый студент получил навыки, полезные именно для его целей.

€ 60 000
18 месяцев
Москва, Сколково

MBA courses and classes.

International Full-time MBA

The International Full Time MBA is a 12-month program entirely taught in English. The new improved format of the MBA program is one of a kind designed to impart technical and interpersonal skills needed by the modern manager who is increasingly required to solve cross-functional, multi-dimensional and complex problems. The MBA includes core topics and new and emerging topics like Industry 4.0, Big Data & Analytics, Sustainability, Circular Economy, Biomarketing, Luxury & Made in Italy and Entrepreneurship among others.

34,000 EUR
12 months, Full-time
MIP Politecnico di Milano School of Management

MBA courses and classes.

IMD Executive MBA

Real learning. Real impact As a 100% execution-oriented program, the IMD Executive MBA enables you to apply your learning immediately: through company assignments, immersing yourself in leadership development and taking discovery expeditions. Throughout the program, your company serves as a real-world “business case”, so you can integrate feedback and test all you learn among your business stakeholders, colleagues and peers. Arguably, there is no more satisfying and impactful way to learn.

Fee 2019: CHF 105,000
15 months
IMD Business School