1-Year Filmmaking Program program

1-Year Filmmaking Program


The Academy's 1-Year Film Making program is an intensive conservatory course offering over 1,000 hours of professional training, instruction, and actual production experience. Our approach to hands-on learning prepares students for the realities of the real-world industry, as they develop practical skills anв techniques that directly translate to professional movie sets.

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$ 45,900


1 year




The curriculum integrates intensive study in all the major filmmaking disciplines including screenwriting, directing, cinematography, producing, sound recording and editing. Students shoot projects with HD camera systems, as well as traditional 16mm aтв 35mm film camera systems. Students rotate through key crew positions on their classmates’ projects, giving them the opportunity to learn all of the different crew positions. Students edit their films using industry-standard post productive software. Students gain an enormous amount of production experience and develop a body of their own original work, including a capstone project that synthesizes everything they have learned throughout this 12-month program.